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Tucked away in America's heartland, DK Plastics has been a leader in HDPE sheet extrusion for over 15 years. Integrity and customer satisfaction are paramount in this family-owned business, with a collective goal of excellence in product.

DK Plastics was established in 1995 to help meet the growing need for heavy gauge sheet plastic. We are a successful, family-owned corporation, with our manufacturing facilities headquartered in Archer, Iowa. Our parent company, Dave De Kok, Inc. was established in 1963.

In 1998, we extruded our first HDPE sheets in a new 6000 square foot building. Our business has grown steadily, and in 2007 we added a third extruder, requiring a new building. We began extruding in our new 40,000 square foot building in September of 2007. Our original building houses our thermoforming equipment.

Our new extrusion line has increased our thickness and width potentials. We can now offer sheets from 0.060" to 0.750" thick and widths up to 70". We have also added a two sided SURF-Board finish to use in such applications as cutting board and marine board.

DK Plastics is dedicated to building business relationships throughout the country. Call us when you need the best price, fast delivery, special runs and a high standard of quality.

Barb & Dave De Kok - Owners

Steve - Thermoforming and Freight

Scott - Plastic Sheet


Diana - Secretary
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