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Vacuum Thermoforming
Vacuum forming and thermoforming equipment is used to manufacture hundreds of different products in a variety of industries, including:
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Sanitation
  • Signs
  • Molds
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Marine recreational vehicle components
  • and more...
Our vacuum forming and thermoforming equipment adapt quickly and easily to a variety of molds, sheet sizes and types of plastic. Once the prototype is right, our machine makes the transition to full production in a few simple steps.It forms all thermoplastics-- ABS Cycolac®, Acrylite®, UVEX®, polycarbonate, Lexan®, Tufftak®, polyethylene, HDPE --in thicknesses up to and .250". Set-up is fast, simple and inexpensive.

  • 48" x 96" capability
  • Up to 14" draw
  • Single Platen Machine
  • Polyethylene Prototyping
  • 99% of the products made by DK Plastics Thermoforming are made from formable HDPE sheet manufactured by DK Plastics Extrusion Facility.
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Samples of Vacuum Thermoformed Products Created at DK Plastics

Cylinder Cover

Dumpster Lid

Grain Chute
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