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The workhorse of our extruders, with rolls in smooth or SURF-Board finish, provides customers with a wide range of finished sheets in various custom widths, from .060" to .750" in thickness. Learn More >>
DK Plastics
DK Plastics was established in 1995 to help meet the growing needs for heavy gauge sheet plastic. We are a successful, family-owned corporation, with our manufacturing facilities headquartered in Archer, Iowa. Our Parent company, Dave De Kok, Inc. was established in 1963.

In 1998, we extruded our first HDPE sheets in a new 6000 square foot building. Our business has grown steadily, and in 2007 we added a third extruder, requiring a new building. We began extruding in our new 40,000 square foot building in September of 2007. Our original building houses our thermoforming equipment.
Plastic Sheets
Plastic Sheet
DK Plastics sheets are manufactured in a wide range of custom sizes and colors – from as small as a sheet of paper, to rolls 500' long and 5' wide. From a wafer-thin sheet - .060" to a sturdy ¾" thick.

With non-porous, fade-resistant HDPE sheet, the possibilities and uses are endless!
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Sanitation
  • Signs
  • Molds
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Marine recreational vehicle components
  • and more...
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Our vacuum forming and thermoforming equipment adapt quickly and easily to a variety of molds, sheet sizes and types of plastic. Once the prototype is right, our machine makes the transition to full production in a few simple steps. It forms all thermoplastics-- ABS Cycolac®, Acrylite®, UVEX®, polycarbonate, Lexan®, Tufftak®, polyethylene, HDPE --in thicknesses up to and .250". Set-up is fast, simple and inexpensive.
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We, at DK Plastics, are able to create our own forming programs based on blueprints and various file types. This added step is taken to save the customer even more time and effort in their search for peace of mind through a reliable and efficient business transaction. From simple engraving to complex angular design, we will get the job done and done to match your expectations.
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