DK Plastics

DK Plastics was established in 1995 to help meet the growing needs for heavy gauge sheet plastic. We are a successful, family-owned corporation, with our manufacturing facilities headquartered in Archer, Iowa in 1998, we extruded our first HDPE sheets in a new 6000 square foot building. Our original building has grown to 24,000 square feet and now houses our thermoforming and CNC equipment.

Our Objective

DK Plastics is dedicated to building business relationships throughout the country. Call us when you need the best price, fast delivery, special runs and a high standard of quality.

Along with meeting production expectations, DK Plastics strives to create a supportive work environment for our employees. We are a family owned company and work to maintain a family environment with a focus on safety, getting to know employees, and even doughnuts every Friday to finish off the work week.

Our Products

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HDPE Sheets

Our HDPE sheets are manufactured in a wide range of custom sizes and colors – from as small as a sheet of paper, to rolls 500' long and 5' wide. From a wafer-thin sheet - .060" to a sturdy ¾" thick.

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Our thermoforming equipment adapts quickly to a variety of molds and sheet sizes. It forms HDPE in thicknesses up to .250.

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At DK Plastics, we are able to create our own programs in order to save the customer time and money in the search of a desirable product; from engraving to angular design, we will exceed expectations on quality.